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Mindfulness for your Wellbeing

As part of my work at The Haven Clinic, I sometimes will use Mindfulness as part of my approach.

Mindfulness is non judgemental awareness of life's experiences as they unfold from moment to moment. Mindfulness teaches us to focus on the present moment , anchoring our attention away from the chatter within our minds. We realise that this current moment is the only one in which we have any control. The past is gone before us and the future as not happened as yet.

Mindful awareness can bring our focus on a variety of present moment experiences such as our breath, physical sensations, thoughts, what we see and hear.

Mindfulness provides us with benefits that are emotional, spiritual, cognitive and physical. The goal of mindfulness is to cultivate compassion towards ourselves and others. To accept this present moments experience with an open and compassionate mind. Some of the benefits of practicing Mindfulness are:

  • Helps to calm anxiety

  • improves our relationships

  • Lowered blood pressure;

  • Lowered heart rate;

  • Increased awareness in the everyday moments

  • Increased attention and focus;

  • Increased clarity of our thinking and perception

  • Experience of being more calm and internally still;

  • Experience of feeling connected to ourselves and the world around us

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