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Counselling & Psychotherapy


Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut, in a never ending cycle of overthinking and worrying about the future? Are you struggling with low self esteem and not feeling a good enough mother, father, son, daughter, employee or friend? Do you feel quite low or depressed? Do you suffer in relationships feeling disconnected and struggling in never ending cycles where nothing gets resolved? Relationships with your partner, family, friends or within your employment. Do you struggle to set and keep boundaries in your relationships?  Do you feel a lot of fear about your present and future suffering from intrusive and negative thinking patterns? Have you experienced childhood trauma or issues that have been very difficult in childhood which are still impacting you? Are you struggling with your relationship to yourself and your body and feel your eating habits are disordered? Are you experiencing chronic stress or burnout and find it hard to break the cycle. Counselling & Psychotherapy can help you to overcome these difficulties, it can support you on a road towards growth and healing and help restore balance and peace in your life.

Some of the areas I work with are:


Panic Attacks

Marriage & Relationship Counselling


Fears about the future


Low self esteem

Low confidence




Family Relationships

Childhood issues


I offer both in person and online appointments. I normally recommend 6 to 8 sessions initially for Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy, however this is completely led by you the client, some clients continue for longer.

For Couples Therapy I would normally recommend a minimum 12 to 14 sessions. Couples therapy is more structured and the work is always solution focused.

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