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Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

At the Haven Clinic I will work with each couple to tailor to their specific needs,  In the first session we will together work to understand your history as a couple and where perhaps you need some help and guidance to move forward together. We normally recommend you attend for 12 to 14 sessions to allow you both to explore , grow and develop as a Couple within the counselling room. However, how long you stay in Counselling will be your decision as what you need to help you on your journey together.

While attending Couples Therapy is not a guarantee that the relationship will last many Couples gain insight, understanding and increased emotional expression in a healthy way within the relationship,


Benefits of Couples Counselling


  • Understand how you currently communicate with one another and how perhaps this can be improved, helping you both to communicate in a more healthy way reaching a resolution each time you experience difficulty

  • Exploring patterns from the past which now can affect the relationship in the present this understanding can give rise to positive and long lasting changes

  • Identify how you can serve to look after one another better in the relationship and understand your own needs and the needs of your partne
    Increase your intimate connection to one another and strengthen the bond between you both.

  • Work through past hurts with a wish to heal and move forward in a positive way

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